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We'd be happy to dive into the success stories you have to share. Please feel free to provide more details about the specific success stories or projects you'd like us to explore, and we'll be here to assist you with the information or insights you need.

Success Stories
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First-Person Narratives

We love what we do, our team is tight-knit and has been working together for many years. The only result we acknowledge is success for our clients.

“We managed to implement a product that significantly improved their process, centralized it, and achieved good results that they realistically expected from a software product.”

Project Coordinator

Daniela Klepalska tells SOF Connect's success story
“The solution we provided to 'Stada' was specifically developed to meet their needs - namely, a mobile application to assist their sales representatives.”

Business Development Expert

Mihail Zagorski tells Stada's success story
The entire order management process is streamlined in nZoom. The benefits for 'Tangra' are that they can track the stages an item goes through in real-time at any given moment.”

Project Coordinator

Eva Ivanova tells Tangra's success story

The successful stories of our clients through the eyes of our team.

Biotrade's Success Story

The company is a market leader in its field, and its leaders understand that competitiveness is closely tied to effective organization and digitalization.

ARS's success story

As market leaders in their industry, our client, ARS, required a solution that not only manages their complex organizational processes but also provides them with a competitive edge.

Bulgarian Red Cross' Success Story

We take pride in contributing to the organization's efficiency, and we'll now explain precisely how this was achieved.

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