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Contract Management

More tracking of contract related events with less missed opportunities and deadlines

nZoom allows you to manage your contracts from their initial approval through the annexes signed until their expiration.

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Effective Initial Approval

  • Registering contract drafts so that the process can be traced from the stage before its actual signing.
  • Describing key features of the contract saves the need to review the attached document each time.
  • Creating approval levels and consistency across your process with the ability to see who, when, what comments and feedback have been left.

Contract Management

  • Electronic records and description of all contracts to which the company is a party.
  • Option for changes to the contract terms through temporary agreements, annexes, as the system monitors both each signed document and the current parameters of the contract after its changes.
  • Starting processes within the system according to the subject of the contract - automatic addition of events for regular payments to suppliers, tasks for commitments made by you related to the contract, etc.
  • Inclusion of a billing module to the concluded performance contracts for tracking the invoices issued against the signed agreement.
  • Storage for tracking quantity of goods under the contract.
  • Automatic reminder for expiring contracts.


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