Our Clients are Our Partners

Together, we search for the best solutions to ensure that companies run smoothly towards development and prosperity. Over 50% of the projects we are currently working on come from referrals from our existing clients. With over 700 successful projects and implementations, we optimize and digitize processes across a wide range of companies - both in terms of size and business area.

Client Testimonials
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What Clients Say About Us

We share with you the opinions of our clients, which bring us motivation to continue striving.

“I would recommend nZoom to anyone looking for an ERP because it is customizable and it is quick and easy to work with.”

Commercial Director, Tangra-AV

Ivan Armyanov
“People, trust them! They really are extremely easy to work with.”

Commercial Director, Biotrade Bulgaria

Yordan Yordanov


years of working together.


Ivan Armyanov

Julian won me over with his personal approach and willingness to understand and assist the customer.

Address Real Estate

Iliyan Iliev


less reporting time for sales representatives.

Biotrade Bulgaria

Yordan Yordanov

Thanks to nZoom, our work became easier, and the time for inquiries and analysis was reduced significantly.

Bulgarian Red Cross

Mario Barzachki

Clients Testimonials