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Document Flow

More speed and ease when using document templates with less time required for document processing and review

nZoom offers a rich functionality for organizing corporate document flow and for quickly and easily optimizing the document templates you use, reducing the time required for document processing and review.

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Why Choose Us

The advantages for you are:

  • Guaranteed Security: Reliability and protection of your documentation, with no unauthorized access.
  • Time Savings: nZoom simplifies processes, leading to a significant reduction in processing time and operational expenses.
  • Increased Employee Productivity: Your employees can focus on other activities, with document management being fully automated.
  • Speed: Easy integration with other systems, creating a unified and intuitive work environment.
  • Traceability: Quick search and access to documents, facilitating the monitoring of the work process.



Solutions offered by nZoom:

  • The entire company's document management digitalization. 
  • Electronic files for each contractor's clients. 
  • Automated logging of incoming and outgoing mail. 
  • Easy establishment of links between incoming and outgoing correspondence. 
  • Sorting and searching for documents by attributes and file content. 
  • User access and document editing control, with the ability to store and track previous versions. 
  • A virtual document routing system for revision and approval. 
  • Generating standardized documents based on predefined templates entered into the system. 
  • Quickly creating new documents based on existing ones (e.g., transforming an offer into a contract). 
  • Multiple languages support. 
  • The ability to save comments on documents for easy internal communication tracking.


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