Every 1 of 4 Employees is Missing

Office employees waste an average of 2 hours per day searching for information. This means that every 1 of 4 employees missing. nZoom organizes processes and information so that they are always available, allowing all employees to be productive.

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How We Find the Best Solution for You



Understanding your business needs



Analysis of your business processes and a proposal for a specific solution



Prototyping and development



Testing and data migration



Training and support

7 challenges we can solve for you 

Custom Solutions

With the many modules already developed by nZoom, we are able to find the right solution in many complex cases.

And if your business still requires something specific, we can find a custom solution for you.

However, if we are unable to meet your needs, rest assured that we will decline to provide an offer. In such cases, if we know a suitable partner for you, we will provide you with their contact information.

Let's discuss what you need.

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Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

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