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Debt Collection

More collectability and profitability with less effort for information processing

Main Challenges:

  • Lack of automation in accepting new cases from corporate clients makes processing each weekly/monthly file a struggle with Excel, and there's a risk of errors.
  • Reporting on the work done or, in specific cases, submitting weekly and monthly files to the Central Credit Register requires a lot of manual work, or, in the best case, the use of small programs or scripts.
  • It's challenging to track the complete history of a debtor, especially when they are shared among multiple clients and are, therefore, distributed to different employees.
  • Inability to consolidate all actions taken by different employees for the collection of a single debt.
  • Excel or Word-based tracking of filed cases is an extremely limited system with the risk of accidental deletion of columns, formulas, or links between records.
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Why Choose Us

  • Saving a significant amount of manual work and associated costs through the automation of data input and output, whether it involves Excel files, direct connections with other information systems, or the submission of structured text documents.
  • Reducing man-hours costs through the automatic creation and management of files for each debtor, thus eliminating duplicate work in collecting information and consolidating all actions and cases in one place.
  • Improved collection rates with an easier process for soft debt collection through tracking next steps, actions taken to date, and automatic generation of official letters and invitations.
  • Seamless management of multiple cases, whether it's 5 or 5000, with the system classifying, tracking, automatically generating necessary documents, monitoring income and expenses associated with each case.

Package Prices

We offer ready-to-use solutions for your business at a fair price. These solutions come with a monthly fee, which includes hosting and data backup, 2 hours of support and software updates.


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  • Additional modules
  • Multiple licenses
  • Integration with multiple systems
  • Training
  • Premium support
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Debtor File

For each client, debtor, supplier, courts, institutions, and other entities, the system maintains automatic files where all records associated with them (inquiries, offers, applications, contracts, etc.) are recorded. The system can differentiate between different types of counterparties and preserves specific information for each of them. Additionally, the system manages contact information for each counterparty – phone, fax, email, address, and the ability to associate multiple offices and contact persons.


Register of cases (unattended loans) with the ability to record due dates and payments thereon.

Repayment Plan

The repayment plan should be initially generated based on the signed loan agreement. It includes several components - principal installment, interest, additional services (guarantee), penalty interest on unpaid installments. Each of these components can be covered with separate payments and can be covered chronologically in the following order - penalty interest, interest, principal. Depending on the loan product, the repayment plan may allow the customer to pay only the interest, while the principal becomes due for an additional period along with the interest due for that period. In case of a delay in any of the installments, the system automatically adds or changes the value of the penalty interest for that installment.

Incoming Payments

Recording of incoming payments and automatic distribution among components.

Analysis Reports

  • Overdue Payments
  • Collected Amounts by Components, Product Type, Employee
  • Expected Receipts for a Period
  • Client's Credit File
  • Payment History Report
  • History of Changes to Client's Loan

Importing External Companies Data

  • Import of Counterparties (Debtors, Co-debtors, Buyers, Assignors) and Purchased Contracts (Contracts and Cases) using a developed template file, building functionality and real data import. 
  • One-time import of payment documents from the moment of purchasing the assignments via a template file. 
  • Processing specificities when distributing payments.

Connection to the Central Credit Register (for purchased loans)

  • Automated generation of the necessary reports and submission to the Central Credit Register through predefined email addresses. 
  • Automated check of the loan applicant credit history.


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