Social Responsibility

Today, we talk about ESG as an integral part of business. We didn't realize it 20 years back but we actually had embarked this very same path as, by its very nature, nZoom is an ESG tool:

nZoom causes
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  • It reduces paper usage and waste generation

  • Saves human and energy resources.

  • It can contribute to reducing carbon emissions with the possibility of working from anywhere



  • Better working conditions for employees, with less workload and stress

  • Improved relationships among employees through organized communication and tasks

  • A healthy and safe working environment



  • Transparency in maintaining reports and records

  • Automatic submission of information to institutions

  • Data Security

  • Compliance with standards and ethical business practices

Helping is Our DNA

Like any business, we help our customers improve their organization, processes, and ultimately their performance for a fee. Sometimes we even profit from it. And sometimes what we profit from cannot be measured in money.

Pro Bono Projects

We support non-profit organizations striving for a better society. We help them improve the efficiency of their documentation and processes at zero licensing costs for nZoom. Our contribution to their efforts includes reducing document processing time and more effective process management.

15 000


of pro bono projects

Material Donations

Over the years, we have financially supported numerous initiatives, including the purchase of equipment for pediatric departments, assistance to educational initiatives, and donations of shovels to We strive to support as many causes as we can.

8 000


of material donations

Significant Causes

We believe that the way to live better is for all of us to participate and contribute to the best of our abilities. Julian Calderon, the creator of nZoom, is a member of the Management Board of, which reflects both personal commitment and corporate social responsibility.

Join our efforts to help support the causes of!

nZoom Client Testimonials

Bulgarian Red Cross

“Thanks to nZoom, our work became easier, and the time for inquiries and analysis was reduced significantly.”

Water Rescue Service Chief Expert

Mario Barzachki