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Greater traceability of patient histories with less human resources

Main Challenges

  • Tracking of doctors' schedules. 
  • Notifying patients of appointments (to minimize no-shows for reserved slots). 
  • Maintenance of customer information and analysis. 
  • Maintenance of measuring instruments and equipment that require regular calibration according to different standards.
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Why Choose Us

  • Easy administration of the appointment scheduling process - multi-clinic mode operation, schedules, automatic calculation of duration according to selected procedures. 
  • Traceability of patient work - complete history of interactions and maintenance of an electronic file with test results (with the option to compare values over time). 
  • Time and error saving - document templates (ward round sheets, results, invoices, etc.). 
  • Seamless certification and documentation for regulatory bodies - electronic equipment files and complete maintenance records.

Package Prices

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per month (no VAT incl.)

5 licenses

+ 30€ for an additional license

+ 1300€ one-time fee

  • 9 modules
  • Hosting
  • Data Backup
  • Support - 2 hours per month
  • Software Updates
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  • Additional modules
  • Multiple licenses
  • Integration with multiple systems
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Patient Registration

The main goal of the module is to create a registry of all patients of the clinic, where necessary information for each patient can be described. 

Once such a patient registry is created and based on its integration with the modules described below, the system can provide a complete report on that patient's file. This includes not only the primary data but also how many times the patient has visited the clinic, what examinations they have undergone, what recommended tests they need to take, and what procedures and/or examinations have been performed on them.

Doctors' Schedule

Through this module, based on initial information with the names of doctors and their capacity to take on patients, a schedule can be created and appointments for patients can be booked. The goal is to facilitate easy checking of commitments.

The schedule allows for the recording of the type of examination (preventive, consultation, follow-up, etc.), what procedure will be performed, start time, and so on.

Ward Round Sheet/Revenues

In the Ward Round Sheet you can register the patient, the type of their admission (walk-in, through the health insurance fund), the method of payment for the performed examinations/procedures/tests, the doctor associated with their visit, etc.

Once the Ward Round Sheet for the patient is created, it is possible to issue a financial document to the patient (invoice), and the payment made (in cash, by bank or card) can be recorded. This way, cash/bank balances can be tracked, as well as outstanding payments from the patient.

Different reports can be made through the module based on the Ward Round Sheets, such as daily reports, outpatient and laboratory statistics (what procedures/tests/examinations have been performed), and so on.


In this module, all tests that are attributed to various laboratories such as Clinical, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Sperm Analysis can be recorded.

For the optimal operation of the module, different types of records are created that represent the result of the examination based on the collected material. The tests are created based on the services entered in the Ward Round Sheet, which is filled out at the Registration Desk during each patient visit.

In addition to the test itself, a nomenclature database for the indicators of the parameters in the tests is filled out in the system, and according to these, the system can print a paper copy for the patient.


In this module, there is an option to record documents related to a doctor's examination, such as: Referral for recommended tests, Outpatient card, Pregnancy prevention card, Echographic examination (gynecological or obstetric), and so on.


Through the module, all expenses made by the clinic can be registered: receipts, cash register notes, invoices, etc. The module provides the capability to perform a detailed analysis of the expenses made by types of activities, such as: external services, external laboratories, stocking of medications, consumables, etc.

Treatment Plan

For each patient, a treatment plan can be defined, listing the procedures to be performed. The treatment plan is displayed in the patient's file report, so that the client's visits can be planned and scheduled by the therapist or reception desk.


Doctors are registered in the system, including a schedule, the default clinic where they work, the percentage of fees due from procedures they perform, and contact information.


  • Turnover made by clinic, procedure, doctor for a specific period of time. 
  • Clients who have brought certain turnover with the option to review all procedures by client. 
  • Clients who have visited the clinic for the first time over a certain period of time. 
  • Amounts due to a doctor for a period of time.
  • Client file. 
  • Cash/bank movement for a period. 
  • Management of schedule/visits – for distributing appointments.


per month (no VAT incl.)

5 licenses

+ 30€ for an additional license

+ 1300€ one-time fee

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per month (no VAT incl.)

5 licenses

+ 30€ for an additional license

+ 1300€ one-time fee

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