Biotrade's Success Story

Silviya tells Biotrade's success story

About 'Biotrade'

'Beauty will save the world'  and our partner Biotrade pursue this mission by making dermatological cosmetic products readily available in pharmacies and to medical professionals. They stand as a market leader in their field, recognizing that competitiveness is closely tied to effective organization and digitization.

How Our Partnership Began and the Challenges We Faced

Our partnership with 'Biotrade' dates back to 2017. Our most recent project together aimed to assist them in organizing visits by their sales representatives to pharmacies and medical professionals in Romania.

The Custom Solution We Developed for Them

We proposed a solution using nZoom to 'Biotrade,' allowing them to:

  • Plan visits to their clients.
  • Create a weekly schedule.
  • Record their daily activities.

For comprehensive efficiency, we also incorporated a mobile application that enables sales representatives to input data from each meeting directly after its conclusion. This feature allows them to easily access all necessary data.

Results of Implementing nZoom for the Company

  • Traceability: Sales representatives can now log their activities in the mobile application during or immediately after each visit, providing information on which locations they've visited and what materials they've left behind.
  • Time Savings: No longer do sales representatives have to dedicate post-trip time to generate reports, streamlining their workflow.
  • Convenience: Sales representatives no longer need to rely on memory or handwritten notes during meetings; they can effortlessly log their activities for later reference.
  • Rapid Reporting: Management can utilize this data to generate reports within the system, providing valuable insights into the activities carried out.
  • Efficient Team Organization and Scheduling: The scheduling for each sales representative is visible to the managers, allowing them to monitor team workload effectively. Additionally, the system features a 'Leave and Sick Days' module, which is also visible on the calendar.

We take pride in contributing to the success of 'Biotrade' through efficient organization and digital solutions.

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