ARS's success story

Ivelina tells ARS's story

About ARS

Our client, 'ARS Bulgaria,' is a leading provider of risk management solutions, insurance brokerage, and human capital-related services. As market leaders in their field, they recognized the need for a solution that not only manages their complex organizational processes but also provides a competitive advantage. Below, we share details of the exciting project we worked on together.

How Our Partnership Began and the Challenges We Faced

Our client approached us with a clear understanding that they required an integrated data processing and management system to enhance their analytical processes and optimize reporting. This encompassed various departments, each with its own specific cases and unique staff. The initial processes we aimed to manage more effectively included customer database maintenance, tracking of policy contracts, upcoming due dates, and monitoring client revenue and payments.

The Custom Solution We Developed for Them

We began by focusing on enhancing their insurance module. Employees can now easily input policies, and the system calculates installments in different currencies, determining their due dates. By introducing debit notes and invoices for individual policy installments, client payments are allocated accordingly. To improve traceability, reports have been generated to display expected installment due dates, client revenues, and more. In summary, the system now offers the client:

  • Organized and uniform policy storage.
  • Enhanced interdepartmental communication.
  • A tool to streamline policy entry.
  • Automated installment calculation.
  • Automated installment tracking.
  • Invoice management and client payment monitoring.
  • Simplified claims entry.
  • Automated report submission to insurers.
  • Online appointment booking with healthcare providers.
  • GDPR compliance module.

Results of Implementing nZoom for the Company

  • Time and human resource savings in processing extensive documentation.
  • Time saved in retrieving information, which is now easily accessible.
  • Improved collection of client payments.
  • Compliance with regulations thanks to automated reporting processes.
  • Quick access to up-to-date information regarding the company's insurance activities.

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