Bulgarian Red Cross' Success Story

Silviya tells Bulgarian Red Cross' Success Story

About the Bulgarian Red Cross 

The Bulgarian Red Cross is a voluntary organization that is part of the International Red Cross Movement, guided by its fundamental principles of neutrality, humanity, impartiality, independence, voluntariness, unity, and universality. Through its network of volunteers across the country, BЧК supports vulnerable individuals in disaster and crisis situations. We take pride in having contributed to the efficiency of the organization, and below, we will explain how this was achieved.

How Our Partnership Began and the Challenges We Faced

In Bulgaria, there are more than 2,500 lifeguards, and their records are managed by the Bulgarian Red Cross. Before the integration of nZoom, this was done either entirely on paper - in cardboard folders and on sheets - or in Excel spreadsheets. As is often the case with these methods, more chaos was created rather than order.

The need for consolidated information, both regionally and nationally, regarding the certificates issued by the Water Rescue Service (WRS), required a new method for collecting, archiving, and using this information for reference, reporting, and comprehensive analysis over a specific time frame. There was a need for easy access to the entire database by all qualified water rescue specialists in the Bulgarian Red Cross' Regional Services, as well as by regulatory authorities during pre-trial proceedings. In this context, Mario Barzachki, the Chief Expert of the Water Rescue Service, contacted us.

He had recognized the need for intelligent management of processing and storing the documents of lifeguards in Bulgaria. This is where our part came in.

The Custom Solution We Developed for Them

All lifeguards in Bulgaria undergo periodic exams - they can be for open water bodies and seas, swimming pools, and water parks, or for both. The exams are distributed across the 28 regions of the country. This information is contained in an individual certificate for each lifeguard. We created a system for BЧК to register these certificates - by number, the person's name, validity, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Results of Implementing nZoom for the Company

The implementation of nZoom for the Water Rescue Service within BЧК made it possible to:

  • Securely store lifeguards' data.
  • Easily trace available information, deadlines, and requirements.
  • Reduce the time required for document processing.
  • Efficiently navigate through thousands of lifeguard records and extract necessary information in minimal time.

The implementation of nZoom for the Bulgarian Red Cross is one of our pro bono projects. We admire volunteer organizations like BЧК and hope that we have made a positive contribution to their work. If you would like to support them as well, you can do so here: https://en.redcross.bg/donations

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