WHY nZoom

We are aware that not every business software is suitable for every company and therefore every implementation project starts with a detailed analysis of the client’s needs Our experience as consultants in the implementation of various information systems has taught us that the choice of business software is a long-term and important decision on which the development of a company may depend. This is why in many cases we implement the so-called proof-of-concept – personalised versions, complete with test scenarios, to show how the system would behave in the real conditions of your business.


We want to be part of your success and are ready to help you achieve your goals.

  • A reliable Bulgarian partner with a long-term development vision
  • Excellent rating by our customers of ongoing maintenance and service
  • We speak your language and adapt to each client’s unique needs
  • Security and protection of information ensured by security processes and successful penetration tests


nZoom consists of a core that includes contractor and document workflow management. p to 9 additional elements can be added to these according to the project objectives. These elements are customized and combined into client modules. More than 160 such modules have been developed to date. More detailed information is available from the chart, and by clicking on each sector pertaining to a particular element.

  • Define the different types of contractual partners – capability to catalogue and describe the different contractual partners by parameter (e.g. delivery time, payment terms, etc.)
  • Ability to associate multiple sites and contact persons to a single contractual partner– contact persons can be assigned to individual company employees, each of whom can manage the relationship with their assigned contact person
  • Ability to describe holding structuresand related parties
  • Automatic generation of history of relations with contractors – completed projects, generated documents, completed and ongoing tasks, etc.
  • Customer tag system for more flexible description and ability to filter lists by precise criteria
  • Portal users – functionality allowing contractors to access part of the internal system. According to access rights, portal users can create documents or tasks in the system and/or monitor the progress of their generated records, comments or reports.
  • Document generation from templates – allows a single view and structure of documents created by different users.
  • Conversion of documents while preserving common information (e.g. converting an offer into a contract).
  • General document templates – when changing company forms, corrections are applied once and all users only have access to the latest, approved version.
  • Automatic assignment of a unique incoming, outgoing or internal number, in accordance with ISO standards (replaces paper document logs).
  • Auto-completion of available information – entering customer data once to be automatically copied onto each subsequent document where needed is sufficient.
  • Comprehensive organization of document workflow – the system tracks the links between individual documents, employees and departments and supports the ability to set stages through which a particular standard document must pass.
  • Document assignment by department and employee – ability to easily and quickly reassign and assign any document to a specific employee.
  • Electronic notifications of new and overdue documents and events, ability to escalate events when overdue.
  • Document history: the system stores data about the author and the date and time of creation of each document and information about subsequent changes (date and time, user name). Easy check who, when and what has changed on each document in the system or how many hours have passed between the allocation of a document to a department and its takeover by a specific employee.
  • Description of interconnections between projects – ability to link two projects or define subprojects to a project.
  • Project Phases – for better accountability and tracking of a project’s progress, nZoom supports splitting projects into phases and monitoring deadlines for each defined phase.
  • Links between projects, documents and tasks– Easy access to all related documents or tasks from the project management screen.
  • Project Resource Planning – the ability to plan the budget and human resources needed for successful project completion. Project timesheets will give the project manager an idea of how things are progressing against the preliminary schedule.
  • Creating and editing tasks with different attributes: beginning, deadline, priority, status, repeatability, etc.
  • Ability to create task templates with pre-populated data for repetitive actions
  • Assignment of task roles – performer, responder, supervisor or decision-maker with the ability to track the responsibilities of each specific user
  • Reporting on task implementation – nZoom generates timesheets based on the information entered for tasks and projects. Timekeeping can be done by manually by entering the duration of work or using a stopwatch that automatically counts the time a user spends on a specific task
  • Keeping track of task dependences – setting known values from project management software relationships Start-to-Finish, Finish-to-Finish, etc.
  • Task escalation – when a task deadline elapses or some other event occurs, the system can send messages to all staff engaged in ts execution or their direct supervisors or directly reassign the task.
  • Corporate calendar with per-user event visibility rights.
  • Functionality allowing “private” events, reminders, recurring events, invitations to meeting to be sent to external parties.
  • Opportunity to track resources utilisation – the system allows configuration that enables reporting by type of task, project or document an employee spent time working on. The information can be used to track project performance, draft reports to clients, bill work performed, and analyse employee performance and effectiveness.
  • Time summary screen – the system allows you to view all weekly reports in one place, as well as quickly add multiple reports by record. The system sums up time spent per day so you can track your ongoing efficiency.
  • Stopwatch – for positions that consistently multitask, the use of a timer in the system is appropriate. When you start it, it starts “measuring” the time that was spent on a specific task and when you stop it fills in the data in the work done report and you are left to simply describe what was done.
  • Report templates – if you perform the same type of activity which must be reported in the system, you can prepare predefined report templates. You will thus be able to add another report of work done with a couple of clicks.
  • A warehouse management system has been developed in nZoom. The system makes it possible to track the movement of goods, transfer between own warehouses, removing items intended for scrap from the inventory and audits. The solution is suitable for companies that want to keep track of their company’s inventory or have simplified warehouse operations. If your company needs a full-bodied warehousing solution, then the best option is to choose specialist warehousing software that meets all your requirements.
  • Registration of contracts and annexes and visualization of the current clauses of each contract.
  • Tracking the performance of one-off contracts: for example, how many items have been delivered to the customer and how many remain to be delivered, how far the financial aspect of the contract has progressed – how many invoices have been issued, which ones have been paid, etc.
  • Management of current contracts: the system allows scheduling over time and monitoring the issuance of invoices and the due date of their payments.
  • Ability to track more complex contractual relationships with variable payments.
  • The contractual relationship is linked to a contractual partner and communicates with the other modules of the system – finance, planning, warehouse, documents.
  • Monitoring cash and bank account balances.
  • Allocation of sales and invoice payments.
  • Future cash flow forecasting.
  • Cash flow analysis by item and revenue/expenditure centre.
  • Basic budgeting, cash flow planning and creating and tracking repayment plans for delinquent payers.
  • The information that is entered in the system can then be analysed with the help of reports defined according to the needs of the specific customer. It can be presented in tabular form (for export and analysis in Excel) or as charts to be sent as a PDF document). The data points to the corresponding source records so that their characteristics can be examined in detail from the reference itself.
  • Another useful functionality is the possibility to use report results for the automatic generation of multiple notifications (e.g. official letter for arrears) or financial documents (generation of invoices based on the report of work performed and hourly rate of contracts). This allows a significant number of work hours to be saved when dealing with customers
  • Portal systems allowing the creation of portals for the company’s customers to log in with personal usernames and passwords. In the portal, customers can directly add new documents (e.g., requests, orders, complaints), view their status, and give feedback on documents that are directed to them (e.g., approving ads). Additionally, the system can visualize summary information in the form of reports (e.g. unpaid invoices, expiring warranties).
  • Partner Login – with similar functionality this system can also be deployed when working with suppliers or partners. The multilingual nature of the system allows each country to view the system in its own language, making it suitable for companies with a network of contacts in different countries.
  • Rights – the system of rights enables you to detail and control the records in the system to which your contractors have access.


We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.




We have maintained an ISO certification for more than 9 years. The company currently meets the certification requirements of ISO 9001 (quality control), ISO 27000 (information security), ISO 20000 (implementation, maintenance and development), ISO 14000 (environment).