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nZoom is our resource-management, communication and information-flow solution. Our customers needed to be able to better track and manage the document flows within their businesses—this was how it all started. Over the years, we managed to develop flexible business software, with many additional functionalities, allowing integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and quick access to relevant data, without compromising the corporate access-control and privacy policies. nZoom's underlying logic makes our platform an indispensable tool for the ISO-certification process. Having all business processes and workflows "nZoom-described" stops the mushrooming paper document flows—a major concern for all businesses undergoing this certification process. nZoom would not fall within any specific software category—it is rather a functional combination of various "traditional" software solutions. The infographic presents the system's capabilities related to the most popular ones. When the solution bar is outside our oval, it means that not all standard functionalities of this type of solution have been implemented on our platform.

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