One of our latest offers is in fact the evolutionary step of a dedicated module that most of our clients have used in different shapes and forms. We combined the forms and processes related to human resource management into a single system to help a company’s HR department do its job more efficiently and transparently. It essentially comprises a customizable module solution that is capable of covering your human resources management needs to the maximum extent.

Our system does not replace, but rather complements traditional payroll systems that focus on calculations and documents necessary to ensure compliance with the legal framework. Depending on the capabilities of your payroll system, we can integrate our solutions into it both in terms of data input and output.


The process begins with placing a request for the recruitment of a new employee and the process of its approval. The next step is the planning of the candidate selection campaign (duration, budget, information channels) and collecting applications from new or existing job applicants. The progress of each job application can be easily tracked, the system can send automated letters to groups of candidates, and impressions from interviews and test results are entered directly into the application form.

The new employee is entered into a detailed electronic form with their position, immediate supervisor, skills, previous experience and additional information. The system creates a printed form of the employee’s contract (with an option for a bilingual form of the document) together with the other redefined documents (e.g. confidentiality agreement). You can also attach scans of the employee’s documents such as a copy of their ID, criminal record, medical, etc.

You can define an annual training plan in different competence areas. Individual training plans are generated on the basis of the annual plan. Each training session is documented in minutes to which training materials, photos, feedback forms, etc. can be attached.

Leave requests can be completed in the system and go through different levels of approval. The system automatically monitors remaining available paid leave and generates alerts in case of any overrun. Managers can check employee absences over a period of time and leave allocations across the department before approving a request. Employees’ sick leave can also be recorded in the system.

The process covers the business trip application, the order and report on the business trip and the justification of any expense incurred. The system moves documents electronically through the various approval levels and creates the necessary email notifications to the relevant parties. The software also generates paper printouts of the electronic forms.

Allows the registration of company assets with their characteristics and assigning them to employees, as well as keeping track of available assets and those in use, transferring inventory from one employee to another or releasing an asset.

This module of the system varies the most relative to the practice of an organisation. The basic principles are the planning of the performance evaluation process – frequency of evaluations and matrix. On the basis of the matrix, the system creates automatic tasks for managers to evaluate the performance of each employee. The appraisal form itself and its analysis can be adapted to existing practice in the organisation.

Summary information about each employee containing their contact details, photo, length of service, previous positions with the company, archived and scanned documents, accrued inventory and absences and outstanding leave by year on one screen.

The system archives the necessary documents related to the departure of an employee, such as a request or a handover slip for the equipment received. There is also an exit interview form where you can enter the reasons for leaving and the employee’s feedback.

The HR management system can naturally also be set up as part of a larger nZoom solution that covers the work of other departments or the entire company. Contact us for a demo so that we can assess how we can help you set up the system for your processes and needs together.



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