PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR Manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics, supplements, pharmaceuticals

Main challenges

  • Difficult warehouse management and tracking of required materials, expiry dates
  • The need to maintain detailed documentation relating to the manufacturing process requires time and persistence
  • Difficult tracking of batches of inputs for each line of production
  • Difficult tracking of relationships with key physicians, pharmacists
  • Difficult planning of trader routes and tracking their execution
  • Tracking and accounting of the expenses incurred by medical representatives, samples and promotional materials delivered and distributed is a labour intensive and slow process

Why choose us?

  • Easy production and warehouse planning against sales plans and orders
  • Automated generation of documents relating to production that exceeds the requirements of Good Medical Practices (GMP) standards
  • Classification, description and electronic recordof each person or place to be scheduled for a visit by medical/sales representatives
  • Easy scheduling of weekly visits allocated to reps, broken down by beam and customer class
  • Possibility for reps to easily report expenses, visits, promotional material and samples given
  • Complete analysis of representative performance, production, sales

How do we achieve this result?

  • Planning the production of individual product types relative to production deadlines
  • Generation of production orders from source documents in which the parameters for order execution are agreed
  • Possibility to set the capacity of individual workshops and monitoring their workload
  • Each doctor/pharmacy has an electronic file with contact telephone numbers, specialty, working hours, additional data about their practice, classification
  • Notation of medical representatives responsible for the given contractual partner
  • All visits and tasks that have been carried out with a doctor/pharmacy will be available for review in their record
  • Zoning and planning – Defining the areas into which the country is divided and defining routes within the respective areas
  • Managing and scheduling the activities of medical representatives to manage and record planned and unplanned visits and the outcomes achieved
  • Analysis of activities with contractual partner
  • Activity of physicians/pharmacies
  • Monitoring and analysis of the results achieved by each medical representative



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.