PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR Manufacturers of blinds and window glazing

Main challenges

The products manufacturing process is not the only challenge these companies are facing. hile monitoring production capacity and scheduling orders against deadlines present a challenge, the more serious bottlenecks come from the multiple steps that must be completed before and after

  • Coordinating several people who have to take measurements at multiple addresses every day according to customer requirements can be a problematic and nerve-wracking experience
  • Pricing and drawing up offers for windows and blinds is based on the specific requirements of customers. And while with window frames, the production systems can produce a reasonable budget estimate, with blinds/mosquito nets there are a lot of price detemining factors – fabric category, dimensions, etc. If you work with distributors there are also price lists, bonuses, discounts. Unless the process is automated, pricing errors are inevitable
  • Determining an order deadline according to (advance) payment and production schedule is a dynamic process and doing it manually using spreadsheets requires dedicated personnel (and results in a loss of efficiency)
  • Installation and construction works are often part of the services provided to the customer – their supervision, generating the necessary documents and reporting on the work done especially during the active summer season leads to serious tensions in the team

Why choose us?

  • Information is entered only once – the offer is then transferred to the order and the production order, installation report, etc.
  • Automated pricing of different types of blinds and mosquito nets according to your rules and price matrices eliminates the possibility of errors
  • Maintenance and adjustment of schedules used to monitor taking measurements, production and assembly show teams occupancy, calculate time required against order volume
  • The distributor management module will help you expand your business
  • Integration with window and glazing production systems enables your employees to deal with expanding the business rather than entering information in the system multiple times

How do we achieve this result?

  • Document registration – inquiry, offer, order, contracts
  • Document generation from templates
  • Calculating and monitoring contractor balances, deposits and bonuses to be calculated during contract/order entry. Managing company finances – issuing and entering primary accounting documents (income and expenses)
  • Schedule for taking measurements, tracking of staff workload, automatic suggestion by the system of measurement taking times according to the products to be collected by the client
  • Capability of generating a contract/order for the technicians responsible for taking measurements and recording the associated payments
  • Print out a daily schedule of sizes to be given to the appropriate employee with addresses, phone numbers, appointment times and tasks
  • Delivery schedule of finished goods/fulfilled orders to be delivered to specific clients/distributors
  • Planning the production of individual product types in relation to the completion time of individual orders/contracts
  • Generating production requests from contracts/orders
  • Possibility to set the capacity of individual workshops and monitoring their workload
  • Registering installation requests that are automatically generated from orders/contracts
  • Setting up teams and budgeting for supplies for the various installation works required for individual products
  • Monitoring the installation of finished orders and their reporting by means of dedicated reports on completed installation



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.