PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR logistics companies

Main challenges

If we could describe the work of logistics companies in one word, it would be “dynamic”. The conditions, requirements, needs can change many times within a single order, and legal requirements necessitate the maintenance of proper documentation.

  • The critical information about tasks and customers profitablity often is impossible to getdue to the lack of connection between costs and revenues
  • The coordination of orders picked, the trucks that will carry them and the employees responsible for loading/unloading is a series of continuous telephone calls
  • Lack of timely analysis of vehicle repair and maintenance costs
  • Difficulties in maintaining all necessary documentation related to operations

Why choose us?

  • Obtain a profitability analysis per course and supplier after entering order cost reports to determine the orders to be executed
  • Superviseat a glance the progress of individual transport requests and facilitate their invoicing
  • Facilitate fleet maintenance tracking via an electronic records of each vehicle and notification of expiration of insurance, MOT, etc.
  • Easily organize and locate activity-related documentation
  • Easy generation of documents via document templates

How do we achieve this result?

  • Tracking invoicing and payment of transport requests
  • Requesting and approving expenditure
  • Automatic “pinning” and allocation of journey costs to requests
  • Analysis of costs incurred per period and vehicle
  • Registering transport requests, changes to them, assigning trucks and trailers to them
  • Cataloguing and tracking documents required for the company’s operations
  • Monitoring and notifying deadlines and renewals
  • Registration of all vehicles with their characteristics – make, model, date of purchase
  • Entry and monitoring of the expiry date of vignette, third-party liability, accident insurance, taxes, technical inspection. Automatic reminders of expiring deadlines Tracking the occupancy of road tractors, trailers and drivers against the distribution of their requests
  • Tracking the occupancy of road tractors, trailers and drivers against the distribution of their requests
  • Analysis of maintenance and repair costs incurred versus kilometres travelled



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.