PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR Facility management companies

Main challenges

The challenges facing companies in the industry are related to the coordination and monitoring of incoming requests, customer needs and support team schedules Add in scheduled visits, commitments to meet response times (without going into depth on the technical support of equipment on the ground) and the volume of information increases dangerously.

  • Problem response and resolution times are difficult to monitor and report to customers, especially for corporate customers who work by signing SLAs
  • Equipment maintenance – you have hundreds of different sites, each with its own equipment and specifics, maintenance and finding the technical documentation for them is a serious problem for the technicians on the team
  • Clients expect to get complete information about what is happening with their request, possibly in real time
  • Team planning, work scheduling and task allocation are difficult to cover via Excel spreadsheets
  • Scheduled maintenance of equipment is hard to follow – whether it has been performed on time and according to requirements – the task is time-consuming and requires a great deal of manual input

Why choose us?

  • Quick and efficient distribution of maintenance tasks and issuance of submissions between teams using a scheduling screen
  • Technicians are always notified in a timely manner of upcoming work via mobile app and real-time reporting
  • Made easily accessible via telephone technical documentation for the equipment maintained it facilitates and accelerates the work of contractors
  • Improve relationships with your customers by giving them the ability to submit work requests via a customer web portal (with internal approval), setting response times and tracking progress
  • Automatic creation of regular maintenance tasks

How do we achieve this result?

  • Electronic client files
  • Cataloguing and managing signed contracts and their Service Level Agreements
  • Registration and description of the sites where maintenance is performed and the corresponding equipment
  • Scheduling of regular equipment service plans, incident response times
  • Creation of a service request whose performance parameters are automatically extracted from the contract (acceptance/performance/completion deadline, responsible parties, etc.)
  • Going through different statuses
  • Automatic return of progress information for each task to the client
  • Automatic task creation against customers’ equipment maintenance plan
  • An easy and intuitive way to place a service request
  • Monitoring task implementation progress
  • Possibility to communicate via mini forum on specific request
  • Creating orders and monitoring progress in their implementation
  • Service request approvals
  • Reports on work performed via an Android-based mobile app



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.