PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR express and mortgage loans

Speed is the key word for companies in this business

Main challenges

Speed is the key word for companies in this business. And there are plenty of places where speed can be lost to complex manual operations, the possibility of making wrong decisions, or simple oversights. Unlike other industries, problems abound even in smaller companies.

  • Difficult processing of credit applications – manual work in assessing queries, copying from emails into systems. Lack of scoring models or connection to such systems
  • The Central Credit Registry requires weekly and monthly company activity reports with their specifics, changes and the associated need for the submission of correct information. Manual or semi-automatic drafting of files can take up an extremely valuable resource
  • Lack of control points for tracking the “health” of loans – reviewing and manually sending letters or text message reminders in the event of non-repayment stops working very quickly
  • The “soft” (with calls and notices) and “hard” (with lawsuits) collection processes are dependent on the underlying information system and Excel at best
  • External or internal accounting finds it very difficult to find the necessary information to be able to correctly account for movements in real time (due to the specific nature of revenue recognition)

Why choose us?

  • An integrated solution with all necessary processes in one place – from the loan application to the writ of execution issued in a lawsuit
  • Integration with external systems and external information sources – in addition to the ubiquitous Central Credit Register, your website can be fully linked to the system, and your customers can have a profile to view loans and their history, amounts owed and any delinquencies
  • Flexible setup of loan products, interest rates, automatic APR calculation, specific repayment plans, itemized payments
  • Automatic accrual of penalty interest, amounts for attorneys’ fees for filing lawsuits, and other algorithm-based calculations
  • Analysis – the one-clicksystem will display a customer’s complete file, submit a list of problem credits with the option to automatically send reminders
  • Document generation from document templates – requests, authorizations, powers of attorney
  • A reliable partner – the market for industry software solutions is very fragmented with many specific or in-house developed systems. The moment the developer has another project, the system remains without support, which is crucial for the normal operation of the business

How do we achieve this result?

  • Complete history of all credits, actions, delays and payments in one place
  • Entry of personalised information about credit applicants and their classification
  • Possibility of loan extension, early repayment and repayment plan adjustment
  • Integration with the Central Credit Register via files
  • Integration with website credit products, calculators
  • Client web portal
  • SMS integrations
  • Breakdown of payments by item
  • A set of analyses of total amounts or received amounts, amounts paid over a period of time, delinquent receivables, credits disbursed over a period of time, estimated receipts over a period of time, credit change history, collections by line item



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.