PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR EU project consultants

Main challenges

For EU-funded project consultants everything revolves around the clients, their metrics and the documents related to the submission of applications for project financing or the documents related to project reporting. This may look trivial to the casual observer, but the saying ‘The devil is in the details’ is fully applicable here. Many details, large volume of data and not least peak pressure around the deadlines for submission of project proposals require serious organisation. Among the challenges encountered by the consultants of EU-funded projects are:

  • You find it difficult to meet clients’ expectations to be notified when a new program is launched under which they can apply
  • The process of coordinating people in order to prepare, approve, and send documents by the requisite deadlines is inefficientand involves multiple phone calls and emails. This may sometime result in omissions and missed deadlines or use of old versions of documents
  • Project profitability is difficult to track – how long was the period over which project implementation was supervised against the agreed fixed fee
  • Challenges include the large volume of documents, requests, and tracking deadlines that usually only circulate through email. An organization typically attempts to transform the inbox into a task organizer, which is very far from the intended function

Why choose us?

  • Quickly find and notify clients of appropriate programmes – complete the client file with all necessary parameters to assess the feasibility of a particular program
  • Save time when filling in forms from the system at the stage of drafting/preparing project reports
  • Quick and efficient allocation of tasks and monitoring their implementation
  • Possibility to analyse the productivity of consultants, as well as the financial profitability of the individual projects you work on

How do we achieve this result?

  • Categorization of companies according to specific parameters – micro/small/medium enterprise, rural, etc.
  • Customisation of legal information about clients
  • Possibility to annex files to the client dossier
  • Document workflow digitalization – search, verification, deadline monitoring
  • Project and task management
  • Defining the documents required by a program and arranging the files provided by the customer
  • Registration of contracts with all requisite particulars that define the operational and financial commitments of the company
  • Time reporting on projects, documents, tasks
  • Creating client reports and invoices based on them



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.