PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR debt collection

Debt collection companies and private enforcement agents process a large amount of information on various cases on a daily basis. In order to better organise their business, they need a simplified and streamlined software tailored to their needs

Main challenges

Automation is key to the profitability of debt collection companies. Their work involves large volumes of data – most of it generated by different systems and its manual processing requires many man-hours and the associated inaccuracies and errors.

  • Lack of automation to aid the processing of new cases from corporate clients makes processing each weekly/monthly file a struggle with Excel and opens room for errors
  • Reporting on the work carried out or, in specific cases, the submission of weekly and monthly files to the central credit registry requires a great deal of manual input, using small programs or scripts at best
  • Difficulty in tracking the overall credit history of a debtor, especially when debts are owed to different clients and cases may therefore be assigned to different employees
  • Lack of possibility to gather information in one place about all actions taken by different employees to collect a single claim
  • Excel or Word based case file tracking is an extremely limited system with many opportunities for accidental deletion problems of columns, formulas and links between records SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT

Why choose us?

  • Save a great deal of manual labour by automating information input and output. It makes no difference whether this involves Excel files, direct links to other information systems or submission of structured text documents
  • Automatically create and maintain a file on each debtor thereby eliminating the double work of collecting information on the same person and seeing in one place all the actions and cases taken against the respective individual
  • We facilitate soft collection by noting next steps, what has been done so far, automatically generating formal letters and invitations
  • Whether you are managing 5 or 5 000 cases – the system will classifythem, track them, automatically generate the documents needed at each stage or instance of judicial proceedings, and monitor the associated costs and revenue

How do we achieve this result?

  • Customisation of legal information about clients
  • Complete information and traceability of all products used by a client
  • Document workflow digitalization – search, verification, deadline monitoring
  • Multiple phase/task case management
  • Document generation from templates
  • Registration of soft collection activites – phone calls made, letters and text messages sent automatically by the system
  • Automatic daily accrual of case penalty interest
  • Entry of totals or amounts received and paid over a period of time. Breakdown of payments by item Breakdown of payments by item
  • A set of reports of amounts received and paid over a period of time



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