The main benefits for a consulting company of implementing a business software solution are related to the possibility to monitor work and the stages of the projects they are working on, the ability to tie workflow and tasks to their contractors and projects, and monitor the financial outcome of each project.

Main challenges

A McKenzie study of information workers shows that an average of 1.5 hours of the working day is lost searching for information. This means that every fifth person in a consulting company is effectively absent from work. Added to this is the need to keep full records of ongoing projects – from timesheets to minutes of meetings and commitments made

  • Difficult tracking of the work of consultants in the firm – their effectiveness, the tasks assigned and progress achieved
  • Difficulty in determining the capacity of the company – when we can perform the tasks that the customer wants to assign to us
  • Time consuming reporting to customers and invoicing
  • Difficulties to analyse the profitability of ongoing projects
  • Difficulty in reusing work already done on another projectdue to the fact that staff lose track of which projects have been implemented for which customer over time

Why choose us?

  • We organize and centralize company knowledge in a single system and give easy access whilst creating searchability to users with the necessary permissions
  • We help you schedule project work and clients in one place and monitor team workload
  • We automate the billing process by preparing reports, invoices and tracking payments on them
  • We coordinate teams easily through shared calendars and tasks, which include sick days, vacations, personal commitments

How do we achieve this result?

  • Full traceability of work over the years
  • Customisation of legal information about clients
  • Possibility to annex files to the client dossier
  • Document workflow digitalization – search, verification, deadline monitoring
  • Project and task management
  • Arranging all external project documents
  • Registering all offers received from subcontractors on a project
  • Registration of contracts with all requisite particulars that define the operational and financial commitments of the company
  • Time reporting on projects, documents, tasks
  • Creating client reports and invoices based on them



We keep our word and we honour our commitments. This has helped us gain the trust and build long-term partnerships with established Bulgarian and global companies.