PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR Construction companies

Depending on the size and understanding of a construction company at management level, nZoom may be the software solution to manage and automate different parts of their business processes

Main challenges

Depending on the size and administrative capacity of the construction company, we can offer different classes of solutions – from the arrangement of documentation for a single site and the ability to quickly reference and easily find/archive the necessary information on site to a full-format solution for tracking the entire operational, material and financial flow associated with the implementation of a site. A full-bodied solution requires a dedicated team to work primarily with the system because of the heavy analysis of site activities required at the bidding stage, which cannot be automated

  • Difficulties in cataloguing and finding the documentation on the site, including the tasks related to it
  • Time-consuming preparation of “standard” documents related to site reporting and documentation
  • In practice, there is no possibility to track material overruns by site until works are completed, when it is difficult to take action
  • Need for multiple entries of the same information – Bill of materials (BOM) data is not transferred to the warehouse, contract activities are not automatically reconciled to project reports or updates

Why choose us?

  • Save time by having automatically generated documentation according to the entered forms per site
  • Allocate company resources efficiently by scheduling site activities by week and tracking completed vs. budgeted works, resources, etc.
  • Plan the warehouse with optimum precision by letting the system calculate the required materials per site/week and the corresponding delivery times
  • Monitor site profitability according to your allocation algorithm of total costs to active sites

How do we achieve this result?

  • Cataloguing of all documents per site and for contracting parties in appropriate files and registers
  • Keeping all necessary regulatory documents for individual sites
  • Inventory of the stages for the construction of a site
  • Entry of all activities with the possibility to generate Bill of materials, required man-hours and machine-hours
  • Generating schedules for implementation of activities
  • Registration of periods, services and price conditions of the contract
  • Monitoring of performance guarantees
  • Creating automatic tasks to request the amount from the company’s customer and to pay the company’s subcontractors the contractor’s retained guarantees
  • Define an unlimited number of warehouses, with the possibility for a site be defined as a warehouse
  • Warehouse planning based on available materials and planned execution schedules by site
  • Monitoring cash flows, goods turnover from suppliers, between warehouses and input at each site
  • An analysis of the profitability of each site – both those on which works are ongoing and those on which works are already completed
  • Recording the work done on the site recording the inputs, the work and the distribution of the work by the team that carried out the works on site



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