PACKAGE SOLUTION FOR clinics and laboratories

Main challenges

Depending on the activity and focus, the challenges in this segment can vary significantly. he more “standard” problems relate to tracking doctors’ schedules, notifying patients of appointments (to minimize no-shows for the reserved part), maintaining client information, and analytics. Specific challenges in laboratories are mainly related to the maintenance of measuring instruments and apparatuses, which are subject to regular calibration against various standards.

We have experience in different contexts and with companies of different sizes and focus of operations. The availability of standard specialist solutions for some of the processes (e.g. verification of results in laboratory tests), require us to make an initial analysis to assess whether we are the right solution in your case.

Why choose us?

  • The ability to work in a multiple clinics and schedules mode and automatically calculate duration against selected procedures provides flexibility and easy administration of the appointment booking process
  • Complete history of relationships and traceability of patient dossier – electronic record keeping, test results (with ability to compare values over time)
  • Document generation from templates – circulation sheets, results, invoices, etc.
  • Electronic instrumentation records and complete maintenance records provide seamless certification and documentation for inspection bodies

How do we achieve this result?

  • Creation of a registry of all patients, describing: patient name, ID number, ID card details, contact details, partner details, basic patient details such as: blood type, diagnosis, etc.
  • The record contains historical data on previous visits and examinations performed on the patient
  • When a patient visits the clinic, a summary examination sheet is added with information about the identity of the patient, the type of his/her admission (free, through a health fund), how he/she will pay for the examinations/manipulations/tests performed, which doctor his/her visit is related to, etc.
  • Functionality enabling the issuance of a financial document to the patient (invoice) that reflects the payment made (cash, bank or card). Thus, the cash/bank balance as well as uncollected money from the patient can be tracked
  • Noting any studies that belong to different labs such as: Clinical, Microbiology, Genetic, Molecular Genetics, etc.
  • Recording of the results of tests on the basis of samples obtained. Possibility to compare to baseline values and printing a document with the results to hand over to the patient
  • Tests are created based on the services entered on a summary examination sheet that is completed at the Registrar’s office at each patient visit
  • Possibility to schedule and book patient appointments based on initial information with the names of doctors and their availability to see patients. The schedule indicates the type of examination (prophylactic, consultation, secondary, etc.), the type of manipulation to be performed, start time, etc.
  • Daily report – based on a selected period (day, month, quarter, etc.), the report provides information on how many patients have visited the clinic, what manipulations/examinations/checks have been performed and what the corresponding revenue is
  • Clinic and laboratory – based on a selected period, the report provides information about the manipulations/tests/examinations performed, with a breakdown per sex, paying patients, men and women who have gone through health insurance, etc.



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