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Accountants and Business Advisors

Architectural Offices


Real Estate Agents

Construction Designers


Repair Center

Construction Companies

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Document Management

Quality Management Systems

Vertical Solutions


Centralised log for all incoming queries

Standardised templates for uniform sales documents—proposals, agreements, invoices, statements, etc.

Optional real-time or historical reports by any criteria

Full history of the relationships with any company customer

Law Offices

Full relationship history and traceability of work by client and case.

Automated reporting and invoicing process for the work completed on various tasks.

Common calendar for upcoming cases, meetings and other events.

Document management, relevant to client work.

Employee briefs, required training planning.

Translation Agencies

Each client translation order is electronically traced. All receiving, assigning, translating and reviewing operations are done in the system.

Monitor translator and client accounts—the payables and receivables for each work, calculate the profit for a period of time, breakdown by language, translator, etc.

Fully compliant with the BDS EN 15038:2006 standard for translation services.

Architectural Bureaus

Keep track of all projects in the bureau, manage their specific tasks, documents and events. Budget man hours and finances for each project stage. View graphic files within the project.

Work with a network of subcontractors, having access to the system (water and sewage, electrical system, etc. designers.) and monitor the performance of joint tasks.

Report architect work and monitor its efficiency.

Design Companies

Monitor the system designers’ work on different projects—stages, deadlines, budgets, documents, tasks.

Manage the company’s sales and client relationships.

Electronic back-office with company asset registry maintenance.

Partner and client relationship management.

Real Estate Agencies

Log and manage all properties on the market and all agency’s clients’ searches.

Manage and generate the agency’s documents—minutes from meetings, preliminary arrangements, agreements.

Coordinate agents’ workload and monitor the agency’s client relationships.

Financial reporting and monitoring cash/bank balances. Calculate the agent’s bonuses based on the projects completed and paid.

Optional integration with a property viewing website.

Advertising Agencies

Centralise and track client relationships.

Monitor tasks, budgets and documentation on each individual project.

Manage supplier relationships—contracts, pricing, performance evaluation.

Optional access for VIP clients to the system to approve advertising designs, texts, event scripts, etc.

Financial analysis of each project and department of the advertising agency.

Consulting Companies

Client relationship and sales management—link documents and tasks to counterparties.

Monitor project management and report time and resources invested.

Common tasks and calendars to coordinate work performed.

Electronic back-office.

Insurers, Insurance Agents

Legal department, internal control and document management.

Sales management.

Partner channel management—agent authorisations, agent proposal submissions, claims and network case monitoring.

Collection Agencies

Centralised logging for all clients and current cases.

Report progress and manage the documents on each case.

Calculate receivables from client based on amounts collected. Balance for each project—funds invested vs. revenues.

Car Rentals

Log all car rental agreements and authorised drivers for the rented vehicle.

Check vehicle availability for a certain time period.

Generate rental agreements and vehicle handover documents.

Monitor all vehicle maintenance operations and costs, as well as the tax, insurance, toll-road, etc. deadlines.

Woodwork, panelling, glazing, fireplace, door production and installation companies

Sales management—requests, proposals, execute contracts.

Monitor customer’s orders, create production and installation schedules.

Record all visits to the customer premises for inspection, measuring, installation and fault clearance.

Customer claim and remedy management.

Monitor each crew/employee work based on the information collected.

Accounting Firms

Monitoring and coordination of daily client tasks.

On-line client access to their accounting documents—income statements, balances, reports and forms.

Client agreement monitoring, with automated invoicing of monthly service fees.

Property Management Companies

System access for clients/tenants to track all reported issues, claims, feedback.

Contractor management and monitoring of their work—performed and invoiced.

Automated invoice generation based on executed agreements.

Notify and generate notification letters on late payers, execute repayment plans, track their performance.

Construction Companies

Sales management and public-procurement tender coordination

Electronic expense request management and analysis by sites.

Contractual relationship management—monitor deadlines on contracts, certifications, contract financial balances.

Internal material, equipment and labour controls.

Administration and document management, insurances, bank guarantees, etc.

Service/Repair Businesses

Coordination of all reception points with the central service operation—real-time submission of orders, requests, statuses.

The client can check the status of their order in real time and receive notification when it is ready.

Monitor the current workload of the service specialists and their finished work for a period of time.

History of all activities performed on the same item.

Functionality to provide access to the companies, whose products are warranty serviced in the shop—electronic reporting and invoicing of the work performed.


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