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Quality Management Systems

nZoom is consistent with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management requirements. The system makes it easy for the everyday user to generate incoming and outgoing reference IDs, register their created documents in the respective registries and automatically populate various ISO logs. nZoom creates the logs and reports required by the company’s ISO policies—the users only need to print them.

nZoom complies with all record-management requirements within a quality management system:

ISO requirements coverage in nZoom

ISO requirement

nZoom functionality

Keep record registries (usually done on paper or in Excel) Same information may need to be entered in several logs (incoming mail, proposals, queries).

nZoom automatically maintains logs of all documents, giving them proper IDs, and, once entered, the information is transferred to all required logs.

Record relationship traceability.

nZoom automatically creates and monitors the relationships between different records and documents.

Process traceability—who has done what and when.

The system automatically keeps the changes made to each record.

Standardised document types.

The system validates the data entered and allows to create various templates to produce uniform documents, regardless of their author.

The procedures and approved forms are stored on a paper medium or—preferably—on a file server with multiple directories and document versions.

The system can be set up with a QMS module to show all the latest versions of the procedures, work instructions and forms.

Employee coordination and system record traceability.

nZoom provides record status monitoring tools and the record history shows all changes made to the record by all individual users. The notification, comment, status, task and calendar system makes it easy for users to share information.

Customer feedback logging.

The system’s functionality to provide access to the customers to submit their requests and claims is an indispensable tool for getting timely and accurate feedback.

The company must demonstrate its commitment to continual improvement.

nZoom collects enough information to analyse and identify the areas needing improvement within the organisation.


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