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Document Management

Quality Management Systems

Department Management

Administrative Department

Automate and expedite most time-consuming operations—expense requests, leaves, business trips, orders, information, reports, etc.

Reports on delays and defaults with timely process control.

Internal Control

Create annual internal control audit plans and audit reports

Issue recommendations to the respective departments and track their implementation in real time, their responsible persons and resources utilised.

Optional automated comparison of data from a certain period with past periods to identify possible violations.


Fully computerised company recordkeeping.

Electronic briefs for each counterparty’s clients.

Automated logging of incoming and outgoing mail.

Easy links between incoming and outgoing communications.

Quality and Control

Electronic versioning of documents related to particular standard

Automated creation of all required registries for document types in the system

Traceable actions on each record

Sales Department

Monitor the full sales process through the system

Full customer relationship monitoring—documents, e-mails, calls, minutes from meetings

Analyse leads and closed deals, salesperson’s work for a certain period


Manage all reports on equipment/building/inventory issues

Electronic briefs on all maintained equipment with detailed history on what, when, and why has been replaced

Monitor scheduled and preventive maintenance

Human Resources

Recruiting, evaluations, feedback processes

Monitor equipment assigned to each employee to use and care for

Create and monitor performance of annual training programmes for different employees

Legal Department

Monitor all cases to which the company is party

Monitor lawyers’ casework

Monitor casework-related commitments

IT Department

Task management system

Record work performed and time spent

Optional integration with third-party systems to track the hardware and software inventory and any work performed on it

Quality Management System

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