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Rent (SaaS)



nZoom is not a finished solution—it is developed per customer’s requirements. Its pricing is based on the features, required by the client company. The specific information system deployment budget is calculated using a number of factors, such as:
  • Functionalities, included in the installation
  • Required number of concurrent licences (users working simultaneously)
  • Modifications to the system, as required by the Technical Specification
  • Report types and number, template stationery and print forms, required by the client
  • Number of hours, needed to deploy and configure the system, and to train users
  • Go-Live support at project launch
We offer two options to use nZoom—purchase or Software as a Service. nZoom Light is offered only as Software as a Service.

With the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, the monthly fees are fixed in the executed system-use agreement. The fees may change in the following events:
  • Increase in the number of concurrent system users
  • Adding processes to the system
  • Adding modules to the installation
  • Modifications, requiring changes to the system source
  • Increase of the BGService server space quota
Once a month, the monthly fees are indexed by the percentage change of the minimum wage rate


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