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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to deploy nZoom?

The timeframe depends on the customer requirements and the details identified during the clarification stage for the specific work models. The fastest possible deployment of a system in a small business environment is 45 days. With larger projects, it is possible the process to take more than 12 months.

Client’s active involvement is key to the whole deployment process—starting with the definition of the overall deployment scope to the final acceptance of the deployed functionalities by the employees on the project team.

Which organisations would benefit from nZoom?

nZoom is a software platform, providing maximum flexibility in its settings. This makes our solution good for any company in any industry—our functionalities were developed with priority to the needs and specifics of small and mid-sized businesses.

What is your software upgrade policy?

Each nZoom installation can be purchased with a bundled aftersales service, including free upgrades for the purchased modules and preferential pricing for new functionalities.

With or without selecting an ongoing support plan, BGService will clear all faults without time limitation for the current software version and for up to 1 year for older software versions (after a new version is launched). Any software bugs and faults will be cleared free of charge within the above time limits.

What are the server and workstation system requirements?

nZoom has no restrictions for the operating system on the user workstations. The system is optimised to work with Firefox 3+ (recommended) and Internet Explorer 8+ web browsers. More information on the server and workstation system requirements is available here.

Optionally, the installation can be hosted on a BGService OOD’s server.

In what formats can nZoom export data?

nZoom supports standard MS Excel export and PDF files for graphics or other custom content, using predefined templates.

In which cases it is recommended to purchase or use Software as a Service?

Each option has its benefits and it is up to the customer to decide which model suits them best. At the start of our partnership, we will review all pros and cons and advise you on your final choice.

What are the benefits of using nZoom as Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Lower initial investment.

The monthly fees are reported as service, eliminating the need to report the software as an intangible asset.

The clients’ interests are protected for the long-term—the subscription can be cancelled if the service provided fails to meet its business needs.

High level of security—the solution is installed on provider’s servers.

When is purchase the best option?

If the solution is highly-specific for a particular industry and needs to have modules set-up to reflect customer’s know-how.

Some security and data-protection considerations may require the installation to run on own servers.

What is the price of nZoom installation?

nZoom is not a finished solution—it is developed per customer’s requirements. Its pricing is based on the features, required by the client company. The specific budget to deploy an information system is calculated using complex factors, described in detail on the Pricing Principles page.


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