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Our company deals with the complexities and specifics of property management and successfully built a flexible and powerful system to use in its daily work. Over the course of defining the processes, BGService experts always found adequate solutions to our requirements.

The full text... - Atanas Garov
Executive Director, Colliers International

Three years already, the software customised to our company’s specific needs, works without problems. BGService OOD conducted multiple on-site trainings for our employees to help set our system in motion and us easily do our daily jobs.

The full text... - Stefan Sofiyanski
Executive Director, LevIns AD

nZoom software is easy to use for Impuls Co’s staff, its deployment and operation makes our processes more efficient and traceable.

The full text... - Svilen Krastanov
Manager, Impuls Co

The information on the projects our associates work on is now available from anywhere, and our clients can track the development of these projects on-line, download our created documents from the Internet, and evaluate the employees involved in the resolution of their legal cases.

It is safe to say that nZoom has become an indispensable tool in our business.

The full text... - Ventsislav Stoevski
Manager, Argumentum

It is the perfect software platform to manage and control the overall business of our Law Offices, analyse the work of each member of our team and organise the document archive.

The full text... - Adriana Cherneva
Managing Partner, Cherneva and Partners

BGService OOD’s representatives’ quick and adequate responses over the course of the dynamic software deployment were key to the timely launch on schedule.

The full text... - Dr. Radoslav Karaboykov
President, Evrokamion

The software was tailored to our specific needs, we were in direct communication the whole time and our feedback was sought on the key operations in the system. This allowed BGService OOD to provide us a product, fully compliant with our requirements and making our job faster and easier.

The full text... - Veselin Velev
Managing Director, Cognito

In 2009, we chose BGService OOD as the partner to provide our CRM system. Our choice was based on their proven innovation and creativity, and their state-of-the art technology.

I would like to thank BGService OOD for their professional work and to confirm that we will definitely continue to work with them, going forward.

The full text... - Elena Drecheva
Manager, Konica Minolta

The system is flexible and meets our specific requirements for access rights to the company and the AIESEC partners. Its functionalities made it possible to monitor our relationships with our contacts, despite the inherent periodical turnover of our employees. The system’s online availability is key to us, because of the widely distributed AIESEC structure nationwide.

The full text... - Helly Stoyanova
President, AIESEC Bulgaria

...we needed an information system developed to our specific requirements and covering the processes described in our Quality Management System. We contracted a company, however, after 9 months of work, we weren’t even close to our expected result. Two weeks after our first contact with BGService, they presented us with a version of the system, which was superior to what we had so far, and two months after signing the contract between us, the software was there.

The full text... - Eng. V. Palazov
Manager, Inhom-98

nZoom virtually eliminated the time to find old proposals—now our every client has an electronic brief, containing all their documents, and we can easily track our relationships with them. This also helped us significantly reduce the new employee orientation.

The full text... - Elenko Elenkov
Manager, Elis Ge

BGService OOD’s nZoom solution managed to fully adapt to our way of work and we got a software covering our needs. It improves our daily efficiency and customer service. Last but not least, the system computerised some of our registries, related to our quality certificate, and simplified their maintenance.

The full text... - Nikolay Bozhilov
Project Coordinator, Marmodom

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